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Remember the pond toward the end of Summer
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Oct., 1952
June, 1960
Charles Seymour worked at the Newark Airport for several years after leaving the Farm.  He is married and living in the San Francisco area.  He has five children and seven grandchildren.  Currently Chuck works in the international transportation field.
George Edw. Seymour Frog
Oct., 1952
June, 1957
George Seymour went to work at National Gypsum (Millington) after BHS and prior to joining the Navy, where he was sent to San Diego.  Among other things at Bonnie Brae, he recalls vividly heaving bales of straw five high on that flatbed truck, across "endless fields," in the searing summer heat, for ten cents an hour extra credit.  His three children, and three of his nine grandchildren have visited BB during recent reunions.  He currently serves as President of the Bonnie Brae Alumni Association.
Oct., 1952
June, 1960
Charles Merton lived at Bonnie Brae from 1952 until graduation in 1960, and later served on the Bonnie Brae Board of Directors.  Currently he serves as the Alumni Vice President.  Charles has been married to his wife, Chris, for an incredible 54 years. They live in Southern New Jersey.
Jim Murray Wreck
June, 1947
June, 1954
James Murray has great memories of the Farm, and lives in rural New York, much of the time outdoors as a seasoned hiker and camper.  Currently Jim supports hikers on the Appalachian Trail which passes through his farm. He is the recent past President of the Alumni Association
Louis Jeand'Heur Lou
June, 1935
May, 1943
Louis Jeand'Heur lives in Carlsbad, CA and is one of our eldest alumni. Judge Osborne arranged for him to attend after his parents passed during the depression. He was the Drum Major at Bernards High and met Tommy Dorsey who lived in Morristown. He recalls Coach Frazer and Mrs. Adams his houseparent at Gould. He joined the Navy and was a cook during WW II. Later he and his wife owned a jewelry company.
Sept., 1934
June, 1940
Bob Leslie credits BB with being able to finish high school, and then later finish college with the GI Bill.  He was house captain at Kiwanis for a few years, and says, "some of the older guys on the farm would kid me and call me "General" because of my little army." Currently Bob lives in Sun City, Arizona.
Lee Davis Leo
Aug. 1951
June, 1955
Before arriving at Bonnie Brae, Lee Davis had never been anywhere near a farm. His best memories of Bonnie Brae were those times spent working with staff members responsible for running various parts of the farm's operations- Herb Graham, Stan Grabarzcyk, Bob Wagner, and others. As a result, Lee spent an entire career working in the field of Agriculture.
Fat Stuff
Nov. 1938
July 1942
Wilbur "Bill" Smith recalls listening to the announcement of the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor on the radio, Sunday, December 7th, 1941. He was in Gould, and Ida Adams was the housemother (before there were house-parents).  After leaving the Farm he ran into both Lindy (John) Verge and John Hahn (Wilson) in Korea.   Currently Bill lives in NJ.
Jeff EverittJeff
June, 1957
Jeff Everitt joined the Air Force after BHS and became an aviator, and now lives with his wife in Colorado working in computer software. His son and two daughters have provided ample grandkids. Currently Jeff serves as Treasurer of the Bonnie Brae Alumni Association.
June, 1948
Dec. 1951
Frank Hickethier's favorite BB memories: "Hitting" the store room--midnight rides of truck in lower pasture-- midnight swims in the pool--Farm dances, and the bus ride home.   Currently lives with his wife and four children in Colorado Springs.
Ike KeayIke
July, 1941
June, 1950
Izat Keay has the rare distinction of having been both a boy at BB, and then returning as a staff member (6/53 - 9/56).  He led the Scouts, supported all kinds of sports, and served as a spiritual leader.  Later Ike moved to Tennessee where he served as Director of a home for children whose parents were imprisoned.
Feb. 1957
April, 1959
Robert Jellinek attended Bonnie Brae twice, the first time in 1953.  He recalls riding the BB bus to Children's Village in upper New York state to play varsity football for Bonnie Brae.  Bob has four great kids, and now enjoys living close to the water in Oceanside, California.
Joe Searles Joe
Aug. 1954
Oct., 1957
Joe left Bonnie Brae while in the 10th grade and finished the 10th Grade at Hackensack High School, NJ, joining the Navy on his 17th birthday where he became an Electrician before discharge in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, working for AFRTS (Armed Forces Radio & Television Service). After leaving the Navy, he went into Electronics and started his own TV Repair service, in Virginia Beach, VA. His passion for entertaining led to performing as an Elvis and Roy Orbison tribute artist.

Alumni Members (123)   George Albert, Arthur Aston, Michael Anthony, Forman Armstrong, Charles Asmanes, Robert Baille, Harold Bartholomew, David Berlin, Robert Berry, John Bradley, Thomas Breidigan, John Breunig, Robert Button, Louis Cagnole, George Cameron Sr., James Carmichael, Donald Carton, Richard Carton, Frank Conklin, Joe Corvino, David Counsil, Herbert Dall, Alfred Davenport, Lee Davis, John Drury, Patrick Drury, Albert Ebner, George Eldridge, Jeff Everitt, Joseph Evonitz, Richard Evonitz, Thomas Fenimore, Richard Fitzsimmons, Howard Folkman, David Forrest, Felice Furino, George Geisler, Clarence Goldey, William Gordon, Charles Green, John Grodski, Albert Haarmaan, Robert Hall, Timothy Hart, Amos Hawkins, Padric Hayes, Arthur Hedges, Edward Hendel, John Heys, Frank Hickethier, Robert Hickethier, Robert Holsten, Lee Jack, Louis E. Jeand'Heur, Robert Jellinek, Richard Jesberger, Howard Joiner, Alexander Keay, Ike Keay, Roger Kidder, Arthur Knowlton, Adrian Kologi, Robert La Boudiere, Robert Leslie, Alfred Lyons Sr., Charles Maney, Jeffrey Marzak, Robert Mauriello, Norman McCallum, Charles Meehan, Charles Merton, Richard Merton, Robert Merton, Mickey Metcalfe, Gary Minion, Harold Mulvihill, Joseph Murphy, James Murray, Richard Murray, George S. Nas, George O'Brien, Harry O'Brien, Robert Osborne, Edward Outcalt, Leslie Packard, William G. Pecci, Sr., Robert Peters, Dominic Pisciotta, Charles Potter, Richard Regan, Ralph Robinson, Edmond Roney, John Salzer, Wayne Scank, Joseph Searles, Charles Seymour, George Seymour, Robert Sinclair, George Singletary, John Singletary, William Singletary, W. E. Smith, Harry H. Snyder III, Charles Stewart, Tod Stiles, Bernd Strunz, Thomas Sweeney, Stanley Szumowicz, Arthur Tharp, Robert Tharp, Walter Tharp, James Thompson, Steve Toth, James Vihonsky, Richard Von Duhn, Bernard Welter, Earnest Welter, Paul Welter, Robert West, David Westphalen, Brooks Wettlin, Michael Wilson, Frank Womer, Ronald York, and James York.

Location Unknown (219):   Gerald Abate, Robin Abate, George Allen, Robert Allen, Joe Abrams, Robert Ackerman, Joe Adams, Leonard Alford, William Aitkin, James Anderson, Bill Applegate, Fred Arena, William Armstrong, Charles Ansback, Joe Bags, Edward Ball, Albert Bates, John Black, Blaise Bloomer, Donald Brown, Joseph Buhl, Michael Buhl, Peter Cahayla, Bruce Cameron, Dana Cassini, Arthur Cathcart, Richard Charles, Camien Cole, Daniel Collins, Bill Conklin, Guy Costello, Robert Crutchfield, Joseph Cundy, Robert Davis, Lee DeBowe, Peter DeLuca, Karl Dillenberger, Joseph Dizefalo, Bruce A. Doll, Ronald Drake, R. Eckhart, LeRoy Eichhorn, Walter Emig, Diego Estrada, Oliver Eveleigh, Floyd Evert, Norman Farnhill, Leonard Fash, Christopher Fenn, Richard Fennelly, Joe Ferrara, Douglas Fleming, Arnie Francisco, John Francisco, Richard Francisco, George Frazer, Arthur Garrison, Joseph Gaskin, Michael Gasser, Robert Gleason, George Giardino, Joseph Giardino, Dave Gilligan, Edward Gordon, Joseph Graham, Jack Gregg, Gerald Gregory, Joseph Gregory, William Griesinger, John Grodski, Albert Grote, Carmen Gugliardo, Joseph Gugliardo, Albert Haarman, Kenneth Haberlin, Gabby Hablin, Cy Hardy, John Hahn, Charles Halm, Augustus Harris, Gerald Hartman, Albert Hasmann, Joseph Hawel, Barry Hawkey, Lonny Henry, Kenneth Hess, David Hochman, Frank Horvat, John Howe, J. Hulick, Theodore Hunt, John Hurley, James Kearns, Lyndal Kellogg, Kaeran Kelly, Frank Kieran, Mark Kieran, John Kokes, John Kologi, James Kutzler, Kenneth Ivan, Melvin Jennings, Fred Johnson, Richard Johnson, Walter Kanser, George Kessler, Michael Kessler, Ken Kinsey, Norman Klose, Bradley Lawrence, Martin Lawrence, Tom Lake, Carl Larcari, James Latta, Kenneth Lee, Jerry Lever, Carl Leverentz, Bob Lewis, Richard Lockwood, Dennis Lombardo, Jay Long, Joey Loewenberg, Leo Loewenberg, Van Lupo, John Lytwyn, Thomas Manconi, John Mantrom, Richard Marino, Paul Marshall, B. Martin, Frank Mazolla, Richard McClune, Eddie McGraw, Paxton McGregor, Corkey Mead, Clifford Meisenbacher, William Miller, James Moody, David Musselman, Robert Ness, James O'Connell, Darcy Osborne, Leigh Osborne, Leslie Packard, George Paik, Fred Palkow, John Pehrson, David Perry, David Piermatt, Frank Priest, Jack Quarant, Alex Ratcliffe, Jimmy Ray, David Reichey, Mark Ritner, Douglas Robb, Kenneth Robb, Thomas Robb, Philip Roberts, Richard Romeo, Gary Rosell, Ted Ross, Alan Rudnicky, Earl Ryan, Fred Ryan, Robert Ryan, Donald Sadowsky, Ian Sanderson, Kenneth Sassman, Thomas Sceicinski, Harry Schaeffer, Albert Scott, Paul Scott, Bob Sheppard, Gregory Sherman, Jim Shields, Fred Simko, V. Simmons, Henry Smackle, Carl Smith, Edward Smith, Halsey Smith, Reginald Smith, William Smith Jr., William Snell, George Snow, Don Sprano, Craig Stephan, Edward Steifel, Charles Stuart, Klaus Strunz, Albert Tardiff, George Tardiff, Howard Tardiff, George Tate, Lamont Tate, David Taylor, Harry Tenny, Arthur Thomas, Erwin Thomas, Alfred Thompson, Clinton Thompson, John Truland, Richard Viano, David Wallwork, John Walters, Daniel Webster, Robert Weilage, Matthew Welch, Frederick Whitcomb, Jack Willett, Merrill Wilson, Timothy Woods, Frank Woznak Jr., Timothy Yeager, John Yettman, Larry Young, Robin Young, and Jordan Zimmerman.

R.I.P. (70):   Everet Allen, Robert Alston, Ernest Anderson, William Anderson, Melvin Armstrong, Donovan Bowe, Allen Brown, Thomas Breunig, Peter Cahajla, Wren Carmichael, George Cessna, David Claus, Donald Dawson, Peter Deluca, Bill Deerfield, Robert Devine, Ray Dixon, Joe Dorman, William Eastlake, Ray Falls, Norman, Farnhill, Charles Fetter, Ronald Fitzsimmons, Doug Fleming, Frank Gabriel, Warren Gabriel, William Gordon, Peter Grimm, Bruce Hall, Tom Hall, Ralph Heiss, Ray Hess, Paul Hess, John Howe, Walter Iliff, James Keirstead, Robert J. King, Herbert Laycock, Robert Leffler, John Linardakis, Walter Marple, Frank Mazolla, Harvey Michaels, Ronald Minion, Harry Moore, George Osborne, Jan Pepe, Richard Piermatt, David Reichey, Thomas Robb, Robert Rush, George Paik, John Peterson, Thomas Robb, Albert Scott, Paul Scott, Thomas Shannon, Nick Shestople, William Snell, Arthur Thomas, John Verge, Richard Von Duhn, Dave Wallwork, William Wells, Milton Vanderstel, Gordon Verge, Jack West, Bill Wilson, and Ronald York.

Alumni Honorees (5).  Although countless individuals have given generously of their time and resources, the Bonnie Brae Alumni recently have formally honored the following Bonnie Brae staff and supporters (date of award):  June Dickinson (2007) View,   Dottie Herrmann (2004) View,   Patrica Higgendorf (2004),  Ted Osborne (2007) View,   Lenda Persiko (2004) View.

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