Guestbook Entry #87
Visitor Name: peter grimm MOON GOON
Visitor's Info: Male, 71
HomePage url: dna
You Are From: jacksonville, America
Your Comments:who knows who gave poor old moon goon got his name. I sure wish I might get a e-mail from some brothers we used to sing we would be brothers to the end, has the world ended? love to all moon goon

Guestbook Entry #86
Visitor Name: Rich Murray
Visitor's Info: Male,  
HomePage url:  
You Are From:  ,  
Your Comments:Been so long since anybody signed in that I just want to see if this is working

Guestbook Entry #85
Visitor Name: William Walker
Visitor's Info: Male, 45
HomePage url:  
You Are From: Philadelphia, USA
Your Comments:May 17, 2002 I am the boyfriend of a woman (we have been together for 3 yrs) whom has adopted a child when the child was an infant. At about the age of 5 yrs old this child was molested repeatedly over the course of approximately two years by the children of mother's friends. The boy has been in counselling since the age of 7 over this matter. He is almost 13 yrs old now. Would you recommend yourself as an avenue for counselling or could you help by recommending sources that I may relay to my girlfriend for her son. Thank You William Walker

Guestbook Entry #84
Visitor Name: Bill Gordon
Visitor's Info: Male, 62
HomePage url:  
You Are From: Santee, USA
Your Comments:I have semi-retired. I now have a computer at home. My new E-mail address is bgordon57@earthlink.net

Guestbook Entry #83
Visitor Name: timothy m yeager jr
Visitor's Info: Male, 21
HomePage url:  
You Are From: mcchord afb, united states
Your Comments:hello all, i was a resident at bonnie brae from 1997-1998. it was one of the most rewarding time of my life. i found myself there and who i was. i had a basketball coach, tom melvin, he was like a father to me. i hope to meat with him one day and let him know how much of an impact he had on my life, if any can help, please e-mail me at timothy.yeager@mcchord.af.mil thanks coach your friend timothy yeager

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