Guestbook Entry #79
Visitor Name: Gina DeLuca-Bracey
Visitor's Info: Female, 41
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You Are From: Raritan, NJ
Your Comments:I am looking for any information anyone might have on my dad and uncle. I think they were at Bonnie Brae from 1935 to 1940 .............i am not sure of the dates. They are Peter DeLuca (uncle) and his younger brother Roland "Rocky" DeLuca (my dad). Does anyone remember them?

Guestbook Entry #78
Visitor Name: George Cameron
Visitor's Info: Male, 53
HomePage url: n/a
You Are From: Chittenango, NY, USA
Your Comments:Thank you David Berlin for bringing us all up to date on BB. It makes me feel great to know that lives are still being changed for the better. Even though I was there many years ago( left 1966) I could easily echo your words of praise. I too found a home at BB and with it came peace in my own heart and it has never left. I owe so very much to The Farm,the staff and my farm brethern. Thanks again. George 315-687-9127

Guestbook Entry #77
Visitor Name: David Berlin
Visitor's Info: Male, 26
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You Are From:  ,  
Your Comments:I was at Bonnie Brae considerably later than most of you folks--I was there from 1992-1994. It was, unequivocally, the best thing that ever happened to me. I learned how to live. I notice some of you folks saying that Bonnie Brae is not what it used to be--well, times change and so did The Farm. But the essential things remain the same: they're more than willing to help you get your life in order if you're willing to work at it. I will never forget some of the things I learned: How to interact with people, how to "suck the marrow out of life", how to cross country ski, other outdoor skills such as map reading and the use of a compass, as well as fire building and hiking and canoing. The therapists and social workers there were gnerally of the highest quality, and Bonnie Brae was the first place where I found peace. Memories: So many! Trips to Bowcraft in the van, Canada, arcades, amusement parks, Seaside, jamming with my band (when some of the clinical coordinators realized that me and some of the other guys were serious about learning instuments, guitar and drums and stuff, they arranged funding to buy us gear), the Halloween Scavenger hunt, the Halloween parties, building forts in the snow, shoveling the snow for restitution or Boy's Pay ($2.00/hr). I hope the idea of a Bonnie Brae Alumni who so young and relatively recent doesn't offend anyone's sensibilities. Bonnie Brae is the same as it ever was. It can be the most wonderful, beautiful, happy place in the world. Or it can be miserable. It's up to the person. Peace, Dave

Guestbook Entry #76
Visitor Name: Alfred L. Lyons
Visitor's Info: Male, 68
HomePage url: Do not have one
You Are From: St. Pete .Fl., USA
Your Comments: It was great to find this site after all these years.I was In BB in 1942 and 43.I saw a few familiar names in other site.Keay brothers who I was in Kiwanis with. Al Davenport who paled with a kid named Dietz,and football man Joe Bags.almost 60 yrs ago.Tempus Fugit!

Guestbook Entry #75
Visitor Name: Jeff Marzak
Visitor's Info: Male, 50
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You Are From: Alachua, FL
Your Comments:I was at Bonnie Brae from about 1965 to 1968. I lived in Graves Cottage with Mom and Pop Barber and was on the football team. If anybody remembers me, please get in touch.

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