Guestbook Entry #75
Visitor Name: Jeff Marzak
Visitor's Info: Male, 50
HomePage url:  
You Are From: Alachua, FL
Your Comments:I was at Bonnie Brae from about 1965 to 1968. I lived in Graves Cottage with Mom and Pop Barber and was on the football team. If anybody remembers me, please get in touch.

Guestbook Entry #74
Visitor Name: charles merton
Visitor's Info: Male, 40
HomePage url:  
You Are From: bernardsville, somerst
Your Comments: 

Guestbook Entry #73
Visitor Name: Charles J. Maney
Visitor's Info: Male, 64
HomePage url:  
You Are From: Montgomery, USA
Your Comments:Enjoyed the nostalgic trip 1950-52 at the old Farm.

Guestbook Entry #72
Visitor Name: Bob Button
Visitor's Info: Male, 71
HomePage url:  
You Are From: Jersey City, USA
Your Comments:Just discovered the alum website -- been out of touch for ages. Sent you an email explaining I was a BB kid in '41-'42 in Osborne, would like to sign up...

Guestbook Entry #71
Visitor Name: George Cameron
Visitor's Info: Male, 53
HomePage url:  
You Are From: Chittenango, NY, USA
Your Comments:Hello to all. I was so happy to find this site. I was a Farm Boy from 1959 - 1966. I see a lot of familiar names and will contact you as soon as I find your email addresses.

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