Guestbook Entry #62
Visitor Name: Don Williams
Visitor's Info: Male, 52
HomePage url: 
You Are From: Newtown, PA, USA
Your Comments:I am organizing a reunion for the Ridge High class of 1966. There were three members of our class who lived at Bonnie Brae Farm. Do any of you know the whereabouts of Leonard Alford, Guy Costello or Ed Hendel? If you do, please contact me at donald.r.williams@nstarch.com. Looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks. I have some early memories of Bonnie Brae - we were allowed to practice baseball on the front field for our township team.

Guestbook Entry #61
Visitor Name: George Edw. Seymour
Visitor's Info: Male, 61
HomePage url: InterNet Search Zone
You Are From: San Diego, USA
Your Comments:John Heys (and others): If you are having problems, send me an e-mail message (click on my name, or send it to (drgeorge@home.com) and I'll try to answer your questions. Actually, this Guest Book is best for a paragraph or two. If you want to write more, let me know. Best regards, George (`52-`57).

Guestbook Entry #60
Visitor Name: John Edward Heys
Visitor's Info: Male, 56
HomePage url: 
You Are From: Berlin, Germany
Your Comments:Guys,Help me please. I signed in on ´last Sunday very briefly, w/ out my E-Mail and you got and posted my letter, then the next day I wrote like 4 pages and it got lost or I messed up with my dumb Tech. So heres my E please respond and tell me how to just sign in and ramble on. I had just begun with Osborne. All the best Bucky Beaver aka John Edward Heys

Guestbook Entry #59
Visitor Name: Edmond John Roney
Visitor's Info: Male, 59
HomePage url: 
You Are From: Green Bay, U>S>A>
Your Comments:I graduated from Bonnie Brae in l959 and because of the lessons learned there was able to go on and have a happy and productive li

Guestbook Entry #58
Visitor Name: John Edward Heys
Visitor's Info: Male, My Secret
HomePage url: In Progress
You Are From: Berlin, Germany
Your Comments:Great place in many ways,good times -bad times, G b: Day was not a good woman. Fred Persico so -so ,great land, best h-parents for me The Orlandis ,The Gundels: bizarre couple. Lot's to say but too busy at present. Where is Micky Metcalf? Hope all my buddies and bullies are well and o.k.. You can reach me at: John Edward Heys ,Wilhelmshavener Str 32, 10551, Berlin, Germany

Guestbook Entry #57
Visitor Name: Rick Charles
Visitor's Info: Male, 54
HomePage url: 
You Are From: Atlanta, USA
Your Comments:I just found this site, and another called "Waterbill," thanks to my old girlfriend, Jane Goodwin. I left Bonnie Brae in 1964. I have seen it twice since and was quite disappointed.

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