Guestbook Entry #58
Visitor Name: John Edward Heys
Visitor's Info: Male, My Secret
HomePage url: In Progress
You Are From: Berlin, Germany
Your Comments:Great place in many ways,good times -bad times, G b: Day was not a good woman. Fred Persico so -so ,great land, best h-parents for me The Orlandis ,The Gundels: bizarre couple. Lot's to say but too busy at present. Where is Micky Metcalf? Hope all my buddies and bullies are well and o.k.. You can reach me at: John Edward Heys ,Wilhelmshavener Str 32, 10551, Berlin, Germany

Guestbook Entry #57
Visitor Name: Rick Charles
Visitor's Info: Male, 54
HomePage url: 
You Are From: Atlanta, USA
Your Comments:I just found this site, and another called "Waterbill," thanks to my old girlfriend, Jane Goodwin. I left Bonnie Brae in 1964. I have seen it twice since and was quite disappointed.

Guestbook Entry #56
Visitor Name: Charles "Eric" Greene
Visitor's Info: Male, 38
HomePage url: 
You Are From: Salt Lake City, United States
Your Comments:Bonnie Brae was the begining for me. It is hard to view the images this site provides me. One thing sure I made it "and so it goes" Eric Green

Guestbook Entry #55
Visitor Name: Doug Robb
Visitor's Info: Male, 51
HomePage url: 
You Are From: Avenel, NJ,
Your Comments:I was at BB from 1963-1969. Iam still in contact with a few guys from BB. When I have more time I will responed with more details

Guestbook Entry #54
Visitor Name: Adrian Kologi
Visitor's Info: Male, 49
HomePage url: 
You Are From: Oakhurst,NJ, USA
Your Comments:Private message. Click here to read it.

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