Guestbook Entry #53
Visitor Name: Susan Osborne Orsoni
Visitor's Info: Female, 58
HomePage url: 
You Are From: Paris, France
Your Comments:What a great web site! And oh the memories it brings back from my childhood when my parents often took me there. A wonderful institution that thankfully has survived the years and continues to play such an important role.

Guestbook Entry #52
Visitor Name: Ted Osborne
Visitor's Info: Male, 48
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You Are From: Plainfield,NJ, USA
Your Comments:Great Web Site !!!! Glad to see all the alumni on the weekend in October. What a great day for the boys of Bonnie Brae...Past Present and Future.

Guestbook Entry #51
Visitor Name: Bernie Strunz
Visitor's Info: Male, 57
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You Are From: Hopatcong , NJ
Your Comments:A QUICK "HELLO bonnie brae boys"and fond Memories also , more in next message ...hello Class clown Chucky ..seymore and all in class of 60....regards bernie

Guestbook Entry #50
Visitor Name: Ronnie Farnhill
Visitor's Info: Male, 56
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You Are From: Traverse City MI, USA
Your Comments:1957-1959 Have I got stories. I remember it all as if it was today. In fact I think I live in the past a lot. No stress! I went through Kiwanis then Osborn. The Tax season is upon me so I won't contribute much until after April 2001. Then I'll tell you a lot of things I did there. Does anyone know what happened to Bruce Cameron? I remember him well. The first kid with motorcycle boots and a black leatther jacket. The first person I met who had a parent to pass away! If I could live those days over again, I would. Oh by the way, for those of you who knew me to be a JD juvinile deliquent I turned out ok! Praise God! Ronnie... (231 946-6445)

Guestbook Entry #49
Visitor Name: Bob Persiko
Visitor's Info: Male, 54
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You Are From: College Park, MD, US
Your Comments:I am the son of Fred Persiko, who was director of Bonnie Brae from 1956 until 1967. I have just read the memories along with my mother, Lenda, who resides in Denver, CO. Thanks to all of you who wrote your memories. How about some of those who lived at BB during our years there?

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