Guestbook Entry #5
Visitor Name: Todd Edward Stiles
Visitor's Info: Male, 34
HomePage url: Memories from the past
You Are From: Mountain Home, NC, USA
Your Comments:I attended BB from 1973-1977, with many fond memories. During this time I made many friends, some I hope will E-Mail me, like Lee DeBowe, (unsure of spelling), Alex Ratcliffe, Erwin Tnomas, Michael Kessler, House parents, Nike Dodd, Gregg whiteside, Bob Seracino, and many others. It seems like a time of life, when looking back on good memories, makes things even better. Hope to hear from many of you soon. Thanks for the memories. Todd Stiles

Guestbook Entry #4
Visitor Name: Charles F. Seymour
Visitor's Info: Male, 57
HomePage url: 
You Are From: Walnut Creek, USA
Your Comments:Well, here I am. On Bonnie Brae from October 12th 1952 - June 1960. I would enjoy hearing from other alumni and their experiences both at BB and after.

Guestbook Entry #3
Visitor Name: George Edw. Seymour
Visitor's Info: Male,
HomePage url: 
You Are From: ,
Your Comments:Whoever wrote the message about her grandfather and Bonnie Brae, please repost your message. I deleted the third message because it seemed like a duplicate. But that also deleted the fourth. Sorry about that. Thanks for writing.

Guestbook Entry #2
Visitor Name: Rich Murray
Visitor's Info: Male, not old at all
HomePage url: 
You Are From: Pomerene, Az
Your Comments:George, Well done. This is where old friends will meet and tell their old tall tales. This is also where is, still means is.

Guestbook Entry #1
Visitor Name: George Edw. Seymour
Visitor's Info: Male,
HomePage url: InterNet Search Zone
You Are From: San Diego, USA
Your Comments:Welcome to the Bonnie Brae Alumni web page for anyone who has ever been to the Farm, or knows some BB alumni. Sign in, leave a message, and then come back later to see who else has signed in.

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